• 10月1日より諸物価及び仕入額の高騰による価格改定のお知らせ


    Notice of price revision

    From October 1st, we will revise the price due to soaring commodity prices and purchase amount. 焼餃子¥400 ゆで餃子¥400 スープ餃子¥550 マカロニサラダ¥350 コーンバター¥350 あつあつコロッケ¥400 大辛!チョリソー¥480 肉豆腐¥480 ヤキソバ¥650 生ビール中ジョッキ¥520 生ビール小グラス¥420 びんビール¥550 レモンサワー¥450 生しぼりレモンサワー¥500 生しぼりグレープフルーツサワー¥550 角グラス¥450 角ハイボール¥500 コーラ¥350

  • 営業再開のお知らせ

  • お休みのお知らせ


    Notice of closure

    Thank you for every time. We will be closed for a while from August 5th due to poor physical condition. We will inform you again on our website when we reopen. please note that.

  • 営業時間・詳細のお知らせ(3月7日~3月21日)


    Notice of business hours(From March 7st-March 21th) and more

    The spread prevention measures for Tokyo have been extended. Requests for shorter working hours for izakaya will also be extended again. From March 7th to March 21st, the store will be open at 16:00 and closed at 21:00 (alcoholic beverages will be served until 20:00).

Access Map

Kouenji Gyo-za Senmonten Yanagitei

Kouenji Gyo-za Senmonten Yanagitei

Zip 166-0003
3-44-17 Kouenji Minami, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo.
Phone: 03-3314-8789

Store Hours: 6:00pm-1:00am (Closed: Wednesday Irregular)


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