“Kouenji Gyoza Yangitei” is Gyoza Izakaya located south Kouenji Suginamiku Tokyo.
Koenji City is now referred to as

Our Gyo-za is [Japan Grown vegetable use] [All natural Ingredients][All handmade]


We continue to commit to the quality of the taste and safety for our customers. All handmade internal Gyo-za recipe allows our customer to enjoy the Gyo-za without sauce.

Made fresh from scratch everyday unlike the ones served from frozen Gyo-za. This unique commitment provides the taste and the textures that cannot be replaced with mass produced Gyo-za. Our priority is to use quality and healthy ingredients therefore, NO Lard and NO preservatives are used. We are proud of our unique Gyo-za making process that included our extremely chewy Gyo-za skin and the juicy Gyo-za inside recipe.


Gyo-za are cooked immediately after each order therefore the time may take longer. Please enjoy our variety of fast serving Izakaya dishes and alcohol while waiting for the Gyo-za. You can order our Gyo-za to go.

We want to provide the most comfortable atmosphere, so please treat this place as your own home and come back anytime!

More detail about Yanagitei Gyo-za!


  • 年末・年始の営業のお知らせ

  • 10月1日より諸物価及び仕入額の高騰による価格改定のお知らせ


    Notice of price revision

    From October 1st, we will revise the price due to soaring commodity prices and purchase amount. 焼餃子¥400 ゆで餃子¥400 スープ餃子¥550 マカロニサラダ¥350 コーンバター¥350 あつあつコロッケ¥400 大辛!チョリソー¥480 肉豆腐¥480 ヤキソバ¥650 生ビール中ジョッキ¥520 生ビール小グラス¥420 びんビール¥550 レモンサワー¥450 生しぼりレモンサワー¥500 生しぼりグレープフルーツサワー¥550 角グラス¥450 角ハイボール¥500 コーラ¥350

  • 営業再開のお知らせ

  • お休みのお知らせ


    Notice of closure

    Thank you for every time. We will be closed for a while from August 5th due to poor physical condition. We will inform you again on our website when we reopen. please note that.

Access Map

Kouenji Gyo-za Senmonten Yanagitei

Kouenji Gyo-za Senmonten Yanagitei

Zip 166-0003
3-44-17 Kouenji Minami, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo.
Phone: 03-3314-8789

Store Hours: 6:00pm-1:00am (Closed: Wednesday Irregular)


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